Feeling The Cold All The Time?

It is a common fact of life that old people get cold. Many will crank up the thermostat to 90 degrees,  apparently trying to kill everyone else around them in their quest to stay warm. There are several reasons for this. First, the metabolic rate goes down, so they are not generating as much heat as they did when young. Second, they are less active, so not generating heat. Third, they are not eating as much bulky food — a source of heat when being digested and last, blood flow to the distal parts (hands, feet) is suppressed, making them like ice even when it is warm.

Medical problems like Peripheral Vascular Disease, Diabetes and Renaud’s Disease all make these symptoms even worse.

The unique hollow-fibre properties of Alpaca mean that it is incredibly lightweight and warm. Therefore Alpaca clothing doesn’t feel bulky to wear, but is fantastic at regulating your body temperature – keeping you toasty warm in cold weather and cool in warmer weather.

“Alpaca fibre – Softer, Stronger and lasts much Longer!”

It’s so soft and luxurious against the skin and has a strength second only to silk. It’s tough and hard wearing so garments last much longer.

The fibres of alpaca fleece have no lanolin and are much smoother that wool. Therefore alpaca is perfect for people who are sensitive to the itchy, prickle factor found with wool garments, and the lack of lanolin means that alpaca is hypoallergenic too.

Alpaca is naturally antibacterial, repelling bacteria and odour, meaning that one pair of alpaca socks can replace several pairs of ordinary socks as they don’t require washing as frequently because they don’t smell!

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