About Alpaca ActiveWear

Why I Started This Business And Why Alpaca?

As someone who loves Outdoor Activities, especially Skiing and Walking, but hate to feel Cold, I have always tried Clothing that keeps me warm. The problem that I had when It came to Warm Thermals, was the warmest layers had wool in them and I am severely Sensitive/Allergic to sheep’s wool. Even the smallest quantity in a garment makes it unwearable!

Whilst on a skiing holiday I found a shop selling goods made with Alpaca Fibres and was very excited to find that I am not sensitive to It. I also loved the lightweight feel of the fabric and how warm it felt. The Concept of Alpaca ActiveWear was formed.

After researching the Alpaca Fibre extensively I discovered even more reasons to love it. To receive your own fact sheet – “Discover the 7 Little Known Reasons Why Wearing Alpaca is Better Than Wool”, just hit the Download Button on the home page

With over 25 years’ experience as a Nurse, the health benefits of Alpaca fibre were not lost on me. Our Products are Brilliant for people with peripheral vascular disease and Reynaud’s disease which leads to cold feet and hands. We have products that are not too tight or constricting so great for Diabetics with Fantastic temperature regulation, so cool in summer and warm in winter and therefore perfect for people suffering from hot flushes or night sweats! Also Great for keeping people warm and cosy who have limited mobility, such as wheelchair users. The list goes on…..

Give Your Feet The Warm Hug Of Alpaca!