Festival Alpaca Socks – The Ultimate Festival Essential!

With Music Festival Season time about to start and all the fun and festivities that entails, packing your clothes to take can be a tricky decision. Will it be hot and dry or will it be wet and muddy? Also you may have limited space to pack clothes if you are sleeping in a tent! Welly Boots are a must for any festival goer and what could be better than Alpaca Socks inside those wellies? They will keep your feet warm and dry whatever the weather!


Pack The Right Clothing

Staying dry means you need to pack the right clothes. Don’t forget to pack your waterproof clothing, or wear it if the weather is already bad. Take plenty of warm, soft socks and pack gloves and a hat too. This will help you to stay warm and dry.

As I’ve said before, the fantastic insulating properties of Alpaca not only keep feet warm, but also help to keep them dry too! If it does turn out to be raining and muddy, your feet will still be happy! When it warms up they will regulate your bodies temperature meaning that your feet will still be comfortable.

Check out our Alpaca sock range and give your feet the warm hug of alpaca!