Quality Country Boot Socks


The perfect sock for all your outdoor activities


Quality Country Boot Sock

A Sock compiled of 75% Alpaca, 25% Nylon.

A cushioned sole sock with full knee-high length. This hard wearing sock has high insulating properties offering great warmth and comfort. Worn by farmers, ramblers, horse riders, gardeners and festival goers.

therefore making it perfect for all outdoor activities

3 Reasons why Purchasing these socks is an excellent investment in the health of your feet

  • Alpaca has unrivalled insulating properties.
  • Alpaca wicks away moisture, therefore keeping your feet warm and dry
  • Alpaca is antimicrobial, so self cleans and prevents odour

Machine washable and line dryable. Designed to last!

They are available in 3 different colours

Sizes:     Small (UK 4-7), Medium (UK 8-11)

Length from heal to neck of sock +- 550mm

Colours:      Ecru, Brigade Red, Bottle Green

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Small (uk 4-7), Medium (uk 8-11)


Ecru, Brigade Red, Bottle Green


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